Seafield Crematorium Memorial Charges

Please find Seafield Crematorium Memorial charges below or download a copy here.

Memorial Wall Plaques

Stone Panel
​Single panel ​£200.00​ (5 years)
£​​​​285.00​ (10 years)

​​​Stone Panel
Double panel​ £320.00​ (5 years)
£​​​​460.00​ (10 years)

​​Leather Panel ​​£135.00​ (5 years)
​​​​£190.00​ (10 years)

Memorials in Garden of Remembrance

​​Vase Block​​​ £535.00 (10 years)
Rose Bush ​Hybrid Tea​ (incl plaque & vase)​ £345.00 (10 years)
Standard(incl plaque & vase) £​565.00 (10 years)

​Interment of Cremated Remains

​Lair in Garden of Remembrance​ £700.00
​​​Interment​ £210.00


Memorials in Courtyard

Lair for cremated remains ​​£1,700.00​ (25 years)
Chamber for cremated remains​​ £1,025.00​ (25 years)
Niche for cremated remains​​ £550.00​ (25 years)


Book of Remembrance

Remembrance Card / Miniature Book of Remembrance

Please note:​  All leases, with the exception of the rose bushes, may be renewed at the end of the period​.  All prices include inscription and VAT at the prevailing rate.


If you have any questions, please contact us:

T: 0131 554 3496